Stan McRobie PLS, PPS
Stereo Compiler

Expertise: With over 24 years in surveying and photogrammetry Stan began his interest in drafting in high school in 1974. After graduation Stan went on to study drafting at A.I.T. in Baltimore. He joined the USMC Military Training as a Constructing Surveyor at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Stan was transferred to the US Marine Corp, Camp Lejune, Jacksonville, N.C. Here he was assigned to be Drafter/Surveyor. Surveying duties: Field and in office surveying, programming in Lotus 1-2-3 computer.

While being in the Marine Reserves Stan went to work for NCDOT. There he gained experience on a wide range of sophisticated photogrammetric equipment, including an Intergraph computer-aided design and drafting (Cad) workstation linked with analytical stereoplotting instruments, in the preparation of planimetric maps, plan sheets, and digital terrain models from which graphic representations of varied levels of data could be edited, plotted, displayed, or stored. Operated stereoplotting equipment and point transfer device in connection with the production of photogrammetric Aerotriangulation, worked on stereoplotting instruments to provide preliminary, original, and final cross sections for determining earthwork quantities involved in highway location, design, construction, and final payment to the contractor. Conducted preventive maintenance on the stereoplotter and related peripheral equipment.

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